Easy2Mail gives you better email. With Easy2Mail Personal you can choose any email address and keep it even when you change ISP. Easy2Mail Hosted Exchange™ provides the full power and collaboration of Exchange Server™ but without any contracts or capital costs - your email runs on a pay-as-you-go basis for just £5 per used per month; discounts for mutliple mailboxes and registered charities or schools. Shared calendars & contracts, 50GB mailboxes, full web and mobile access.

Personal email

Email addresses that are all about you. Get an address like mail@adamsmith.co.uk or jane@simpsonfamily.com with addresses for the whole family. Make your email more personal.

From £22 a year -

Hosted Exchange™

Access the full power of Microsoft Exchange Server™ but without a contract or capital costs. We offer Exchange™ as a Cloud Service from just £5 per month per mailbox, less for larger installs and charities/academics.

Just £5 a month -

Basic business email

If Exchange email is not for you, we also offer a basic domian-based email service providing large numbers of mailboxes, unlimited traffic, a free UK domain name. IMAP service for cross-platform integration.

From just £77 a year -